What is meant by Cheap Digital Mixer?

Would you like a digital mixing console for live sound work but don't want to make the investment in a new console? The traditional analog sound mixing console is giving way to the digital system for live sound work. There are many digital consoles available and the prices are now within reason for these systems. But the big iron is expensive and the smaller systems may be somewhat limited in their function and expandability.

An Alternative to the Hardware Digital Console

There is now a software package available that can allow you to mix sound on a laptop or computer.  By design this is a virtual mixing solution for live sound reinforcement. The primary input devices are the keyboard and mouse, although a fader pack can be hooked up if you need to do crossfades in your show.

The software is capable of handling up to 72 input channels total. It will do stereo inputs on one fader (up to 36) or more conventional mono channels as are typically used for mike or line inputs. Not only does it do Front of House, but it gives you up to 24 stereo monitor mixes with flexibility that the best hardware often does not give.

The system is built on a building block concept. You can set it up with just a few channels and expand it as desired. You don't have to learn a new console if you choose to upgrade your system. You just add the needed parts and continue working in the full featured environment that you have become used to.

The Software Audio Console

The Software Audio Console - or SAC - system runs on a Windows PC. The software has been developed by an experienced live and studio sound engineer. Because of his live experience he knows that navigation is the key to using a software package for live mixing. The studios have been recording and mixing in a virtual environment for many years. The developer behind this LAW (Live Audio Workstation) software, SAC, was a pioneer in the development of DAW software to record and mix audio directly on a computer.

With the experience gained in developing the studio software and the live engineering experience he has been able to develop a full blown live virtual mixing environment that rivals the big digital mixing consoles and can be assembled for a fraction of the cost.

Mixer In A Box

Mixer In A Box is my site with more information about the SAC system. There are links to the developer's site and the software on the MiaB site. Please visit Mixer In A Box.